Second email for the class of Apps &Social Media -Hyflex at OLLI Winter Session 2023

Hello Dearest,

Last class you learned how to organize your apps, and how to select your apps. It sounds simple, and it is once you have a glance of how other people are doing it.

I showed you how I have my phone organized, Cherrylaine too; Thank you! And now you have the link of how another person does it and posted it in YouTube. Here is the link.

How to organize my apps in my phone:

How to choose and App:

Here is the link:

Remember the Golden Rules: 

The App needs to be downloaded by the Millions or more.

The App needs to be rated by the thousands or more

The App needs to have more than 4.5 out of 5 points in the ratings.

Look at my blog in the link above and you should see why. Plus, other very important things to remember.

If you want to go to my blog that is on my website, just type in your browser

scroll down until you see the subject of the email you want to look.

Tomorrow we will see other links for your favorite apps and how to use them to the max!

Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow.

Always Best,



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