Machine Learning and Self-Driving CarsI was wondering if we can start using the technology in our cars, and “training our own car” with the data of our routines. That is on top of the ones are already in memory. I imaged the scenario where all the cars have the same data and are driving at the same time, if they have the same time of response, they are going to… at certain point arrive to the same point… meaning the same space. But if we feed our car with our own way of driving and time response criteria we are adding variability that can be as unique as a fingerprint. 😀


The Color Run Pomona 2014It was so much fun, I had pink inside my ears, green in my mouth and nose, blue in my legs and arms, yellow all over, my second time… Wow! Thanks Silvana Garcia! I had so many “have five!” Meet new people! Enjoyed to the top! Yeah!