Third email for the class of Shoot/Edit Videos-Hyflex at OLLI Winter Session 2023

Hello Wonderful class,

Wow! Last class we covered so much material, that the time just disappeared. Such beautiful videos you shared!

Now most of you have your 4 seconds presentation video. You have no more than 4 minutes videos too. On one of them; now you are having a second edition.


First have the raw video as good as you can. Meaning:

Clear and  in focus, good sound for important parts, well trimmed and cropped. Some of you maybe had  embellished them with some filters, stickers or other adornments. 

  • Now, in the second editing you have chosen to do it or in iMovie, or in Power Director in either way you noticed that: the Time Line, is where you are going to put and edit your final video. 

You will always position your playhead or skimmer to made any changes in the section of the Timeline you are working on.

  • You will expand or shrink your timeline to work comfortable in it.
  • Once you have looked  the layout of your work area, you will edit, each section of your video:
  • By default Only in pictures.  in some programs you will have the Ken Burns effect (also known as Pan in-Pan out) activated. If you turned off, or go manual you will see the different effects on the pictures you have selected in your new video edition. That effect doesn’t go in clips (Short videos that are in the final edition)
  • To fade in and fade out your sound you will adjust your selection in the inside of the video and at the edge.
  • To adjust your your clips to a duration that you want you will select the edge of the frame of your selection and once the arrows appear, you will drag in or out to your desire length. For sound or clips you can shrink them or expand them too, but your limit is the duration of the clip or sound you have selected, the only way to extend any of them is to copy-paste them along the Timeline to repeat them.

I also showed you how to select backgrounds and we were starting to see how to put titles, when the time stop us. We shall continue on Thursday.

Here is the link of the video you saw. Remember it doesn’t have sound.

Also, specially for Jane I selected a webpage of jewelry. Bulgari brand. I think the video shows beautiful stories about different jewelry. The link is below, remember all videos are stories. Your stories. Jewelry could have been surrounded by beautiful buildings, sand, shells. Jewelry in showcases, hands, necks, ears are emotive. Jewelry are expressions of art and craft. You can have quotes in your videos, that inspired your creations. I will comment about the effects that were done in the construct of the video.,vid:JIz9z1-zESk

Please remember that it is not necessary to send an email or to share your video in any form if you can come to the class and show it in your phone. Or as Cherrylaine did it in her flash-drive that was uploaded to one of the students drive in one of the computers of the lab. 

We will learn how to share, step by step. Don’t worry. Keep having fun and carry on.

Your homework was to check if anything that you see in your TV except advertisements and action scenes really last four second before it changes frames. Also you could have tested your new abilities like trim, crop, deform your material in the editing mode, use the Ken Burns, fade in and out sound, use backgrounds, select your sound from iTunes, or somewhere else. Well and so much more we talked about last class. If you took some notes, and have questions just sent an email. 

I am sending this email way before Wednesday, first because I have time to do it. Second, because I think today you will remember more and it will be handy for your work in progress. 

Have a wonderful day be ready for Thursday. 

Remember there is no homework unless:

“Your mission, Videographers, should you decide to accept it, is to have fun making videos. 

As always, should you be tired or in doubt, we will talk about it and I will help you to acquire the knowledge of doing the right actions. 

This email will Not self-destruct ever, is part of your notes. Good luck, All of you.”




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