Sixth email for the Class of Shoot & Edit Videos-Hyflex at OLLI Spring 2023

Hello Dear OLLI Members,

What a wonderful journey we have had so far. To close with 2 cherries on top of the cake, we will have 2 more classes, tomorrow and the 25th.

You have learned so much. You have all your notes in your emails with the links. Remember, if you don’t have access to your email, you will go to my webpage at where you will see all the emails, mostly all links not only for this class but previous classes over the years.

 Remember all links are curated for the time being, yet they are not eternal, some of them are updated by the author, and some are not, or only one or two the sharing is no longer available. 

The links are a guide, sometimes of things that you need to do and sometimes of things that you need to be aware of. 

To be in the class has the advantage of to be just in time for the moment, for the present needs, and  the class is tailored for your questions, that are answered beyond the scope of the links.

Sometimes you don’t know what to ask, or sometimes you don’t know how easy are things, that you didn’t even know existed, that is why being in class is so important. 

I am very proud of you because you really have been very constant, your presence helps you to learn, and to indulge yourself with new knowledge of things you like to do. Your pace is your pace and that is golden.

     Last class you saw how it looks when you use preset trailers, tomorrow we will aproach that in more detail.

Another interesting thing was to see how the great cinematographers were using the background, foreground, and middleground, with oscar winner scenes of memorable movies.

Also, you looked at a movie about a book-look-like I did about birds behaviour. This example was to show you how you can use; or Keynote or Power Point to have more effects. We will show that again directly in an animation example tomorrow.

Below, you will find all the links for last class and for tomorrow’s I will give you them in class. 

Remember this class is Hyflex, so, you can copy-paste the info, take a picture, take a screenshot, or just write down all of that is interesting to you, and to have it in your personal notes.


Foreground, background, and middle ground in cinematography 

A video about an angry bird

A celebration, a feast! Thank you!

Have a wonderfull day and see you tomorrow.




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