Seventh and last email for the Class of Shoot & Edit Videos-Hyflex at OLLI Spring 2023

Dearest Videographers,

For tomorrow’s meeting, we will wrap up this Spring Session with: A review of the basics, and how to use some strategies for emotional motivation used by great movie creators.

All links will be shared in class or in the blog; here is the link for the last class:

Last class we watched how to create an amazing slideshow with animations, and then save it as a movie. It is quite interesting how you can take advantage of the automation, animation, and building strategies for your titles, clips, and pictures giving your final movie an engaging atmosphere.

The link is in my website for Apple users. For Android users is here.

The arches for stories have a wonderful story since its inception. The recollection of the works and how the arches proved to be a total success over the history of the Human greatest literacy works of art was something you learned last week. The 2 videos for this theme are in the first link above.

And to have strategies for your video compositions we saw another one you will see also, in the link mentioned above.

Last but not least, I showed you how to use the audio recorded app to add your narration, to all your videos, directly from your phone. It was demonstrated in class with one of my latest videos. (It is shared privately, as I told you in class. With the hands-on experience, you got the idea. Yes!

Have a wonderful day. See you tomorrow.




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