Seventh and last email for the class Apps & Social Media-Hyflex at OLLI Spring 2023

Dear Class,

Last class, we finished reviewing Tik Tok, and Spotify. 

We also talked about Audacity, thanks L. 

We mentioned Shazam, and other apps for music.

 For creators: Sound Cloud, Musescore, and YouTube. In all of them we talked about how you can donate to them to keep creating, or how you can create and be rewarded. Each app has their way to do it; the most popular is Patreon app that we mentioned and it is usually seen in Youtubers.

We also talked about the big myths concerned to what can be done by hackers and what can’t, even if you see them in TV programs or in some other sources.

Tomorrow we will talk about, QR. And how to clean your cookies for your devices for safe navigation without feeling being spied or clear the information you give away while searching or navigating in the internet.

The links and a presentation I will give to you are not going to be shared but in class, due to the nature of the last topic. Nevertheless, you will find the sources of all the sharing during class.

I really like all your questions. Your worries are the same as many other people. Do not hesitate to ask any questions, if I can answer them will be with examples, web info, or other cross-referencing sources.

Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow




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