hello Apps and Social Media class,

Some time ago I used to work on this format because it is easy to grab from the web, now again is handy.

Here we will see the links for this Thursday class:

Best Apps for Seniors: Fun, Health, and Convenience


How to organize my apps in my phone:

 apps in the Google store;


Why there is no gallery in Motorola?

Hey, because Moto comes with almost stock Android they don’t install a gallery, unlike other manufacturers where you will find a feature packed Gallery App. Google photos is Google’s choice as the default gallery, so in all phones with stock / close to stock android you won’t find gallery pre- installed.

What is stock Android in mobile?
The term has come to mean a few things, but there is just one technical definition. Essentially, stock Android is Android at its most basic level. Stock Android is the foundation that every Android phone and tablet is built on. It includes many of the core Android features you’re familiar with, but not all of them.

How to chose an app

Choose Tools for a Specific Purpose
Connect with your family and friends.
Organize your mementos, memories, etc.
Share, in different forms your treasured memories.

1.-Choose the Right Number of Tools.

Select your tools that are easy and understandable for you.

Select your tools if your friends and family have the same tools.

Select your tools first if they are free, then the unavoidable cheapest.

2.-Choose the Right Balance of Ease and Control

Be sure that are the best in the market by:Looking for apps that have millions of downloads.

Look for apps that have the best rating and

the ones that have the highest number of ratings.

3.-Look for apps that are free

Stay Curious, but Make Decisions

Curiosity in technology help you to find out what is the new thing and the best thing.

Curiosity, let you know if there is something easier and cheapest than what you have.

4.-Make decisions after the market has a solid opinion of the app.

You do not want to be a Guinea Pig.

Make a decision base on what your social network is using or if they will be willing to use the new app.

5.-Decide based on you needs and your goals.


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