Join us!!! Have a blast this Summer!!! Meet people Worldwide!!

 This is going on and on!!! Have an exhilarating Summer, join us to learn, and have fun in this competition!!
Here is the invitation from my leaders:
 I’m Yunnis and my co-leader is Julian and we are the TeamJusix. We both have a dream: to show that education knows no borders. To reach this we want to build the most international team and show that nothing can stop motivated and smart people from learning fascinating things 😉 If you agree with our opinion help us to prove …that we’re right! Help us to build a big community and win this competition!
About us: Julian and I go to the Carl-Bosch-Gymnasium, Germany. We are both interested in computer science,mathematics and sometimes just talking about god and the world, like we in Germany would say 😉
If you have some problems don’t be shy and ask me, Julian or the community. Extra for questions,announcements, etc. we made a Facebook group ( ). If you don’t have a Facebook account contact us, I’m sure we’ll find a solution. Together with the community no problem will stop us!
Last but not least, we’re looking forward to welcome you in our global player team! Because our aim isn’t really easy to reach we need everybody! You, your friends, your neighbours,… everybody is welcome! If you want to join us enter this link:
Have a nice time!
Yunnis and Julian