Second email for the class of Shoot/Edit Videos -Hyflex at OLLI Winter 2023

Hello Wonderful class,

Last week we saw Jane and Don presentation video of 4 seconds. Well done! Remember, there is no homework at OLLI and we will practice in class, yet if you decide to do some videos or practice something about editing and shooting videos. It will be much more fun.

By now, some of you have ready one video that is no longer than 4 minutes. This video of yours will be edited in iMovie or in Power Director. This second editing is Much more than you can do in your phones without the editing app.

Mostly all of you are in Apple so we will come with some links to remember all the things we commented during class and for editing. Yet, it is universal the way software works for all video editings. Some little changes here and there, no more.

Past Thursday we saw these two links:


You will find most of the email in my website blog, that will have the title of the subject of this email, and you will type in your browser tab, so, you will be in my website and you will go to recent post to look for the title.


You know now how to have different screen shots, like how Don made his presentation video from far away and at the end up close.

You know now, how to trim, and crop your videos on your phone.

How to present yourself in a video, it was a simple practice, to remember everything again check the second link, so you check your list twice, or more times. Settings, like light, frame, background, sound; all are most important from the begining of any shooting.

Some of you know how to share videos in YouTube, we will have time to review how to do your channels and or review the know how and all questions about it, all these if you ask me.

How to share your video in social media is another question you will ask yourselves, so we can taylor a specific SM to practice.

Remember to have ready your video for tomorrow. I will give you more links then.

Have a wonderful evening, be ready for tomorrow. 

Remember there is no homework unless:

“Your mission, Videographers, should you decide to accept it, is to have fun making videos. 

As always, should you be tired or in doubt, we will talk about it and I will help you to acquire the knowledge of doing the right actions. 

This email will Not self-destruct ever, is part of your notes. Good luck, All of you.”




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