And Here We Are

The Earth has completed 4.5 billion years, in them, there are for each one of us a special one.

The day we breath for the first time.

We specially celebrate the beginning of another period where the Earth will go around the sun again, with a special origin, a special genesis.

A speck in the life of the Universe. Yet, it is a special beginning because we can celebrate with nature around us, with people near us, with family that share so many life experiences with us. And with ourselves because we are conscious of all that.

Who invented to celebrate birthdays? Certainly people that noticed the seasons, and their length, people who noticed that being alive is an uninterrupted series of events in unison that make our bodies, our thoughts, our energy.

Being alive and celebrate a birthday, nowadays is kind of a recommendation for survival.

For many hasn’t been easy, for some it has being a thing in the past, there are more urgencies at the present to take into account.

Some, don’t know if it’s better to cry, to lament, or to rejoice in irony; maybe because they don’t have tears anymore, because silence is the only voice left, or because mad laugh is the only way to scape pain.

Whatever is the burden or the ease, if you have noticed that Earth has rotated another year and you are conscious of it, reflect upon the mystery of that fabulous occurrence.

As somebody said:

The Past is history, the Future who knows? The gift is the Present; that I share with you!

Happy Birthday Daddy!


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