Last email for the Shoot & Edit Videos (Android, iOS, Action Cameras) Class for Spring Session

Hello Everybody,

I hope you had a great week. Tomorrow will be our last class for Spring Session. Don’t forget to sign up for the Summer Session.

 Why did I say that?

All of you have videos in the making, and for tomorrow’s class, maybe, there will be not enough time for all, to practice and finish all your projects.

The state of the art of your projects are:

Some of you, want to translate or cc the video with the music you love.

Some of you, will practice to do gif and/or videos to put together for the next composed video. And you will decide which app to use for more control at editing videos in the phone.

Some of you, will try to download photos blurred to accompany the vertical shoots. And will put titles in the center and in 2 lines to make them more readable.

Some of you, haven’t send any answer, so there is still with no news about you; I hope you are OK.

As you can see all of you have different interests and techniques to master. Which we will try to cover during class, still you will have a wonderful rest in June, and we will continue to have fun with your own projects during Summer.

I am sending the links of the last class. I strongly recommend you to follow the instructions that you know will fit your needs.

Blur backgrounds of vertical iMovie clips

Why modern movies use black-and-white

How to Crop Video and Images with iMovie

Android Video Editing: Cyberlink Power Director Tutorial on Android (for the ones using Android, just to take a look)


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