Winter Session Class 2 of Shoot & Edit Smartphone Videos

Welcome All,
I am so glad you are in the OLLI class!  Lots of fun we have had and we will.

As I told you, I am attaching the links we have seen in Thursday’s class.
First, I would like to invite you to My blog that contains a lot of info about doing videos.
​The first link, is the entrance to the blog, the last two are the basics we have been talking about while making a video.

Here is what we talked about last class;

  • How to take pictures and videos of buildings, landscapes, and animals
  • The concepts of foreground, background, middle ground
  • how to add information to your photos
  • How to enable location to your camera phone, anywhere  or with any app
  • We started with a movie editing intro using and explaining:
  •      Ken Burns effect
  •      Layout for all devices while editing videos. The common ground.
  • We use with two examples of the same; (one for big screen systems, one for Apple Systems)
  • We used a video I made without sound and we exercised your  recently acquired knowledge about Layout 

Here are some of the past links and the new ones also that we will be using in class.

​Please, bring your app to start practicing, Powerdirector or iMovie. Last class you gathered the pictures and or videos you will use in your edits. If you download everything it is easier to use the apps otherwise it could be a lengthy time spent doing it in class.
We will use the WiFi at the lab, so download all your material to have a good pace.
See you Thursday, remember there is no homework, and we will review the concepts on the links as a review or as part of the new vocabulary and skills  you are learning.
Always Best,

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