Class 4 Test Drive an App & Social Media

Hello All!
Today the class was extremely interesting, your questions were fantastic, here are some highlights of the session.
You learned:
  • How to move icons in your smartphone
  • How to relocate your icons in your home screens
  • How to locate your Notes, your Calendar and other useful tools.
  • The fundamental moves in a phone.

press, pinch, tap, press and slide

  • How to use your smartphone when you are abroad
  1.  Roaming (Looking at settings)
  2.   Airplane Mode
  3.   WiFi
  4.   When to sent messages, use your phone, share videos or photos in your Social Media Apps while traveling.
  • How WhatsApp work;
  1. Settings, contacts, invite contacts, make groups, how the information is encrypted
  • How QR works
  • We introduced Calendar and how to make appointments in your calendar and how some of the activities of other contacts appear in your calendar.
Next class will be about;
  • Facebook and how it works
  • How to delete, block or hide: comments, contacts, posts, persons
  • How to look for your history or activity in your personal FB
  • Etiquette for Facebook
  • How to respond or react to the emojis with like, love, amuse, angry
  • We will look at a list of abbreviations, and special features to type better and faster.

We practiced some of the highlights, keep practicing and bring your questions, see if you can configure your phone to your needs.

We also talked about the differences of Amazon Prime and Unlimited and the practicality of both.
Last but not least; here are some interesting links:
For Acronyms:

For connecting your smartphone to your car: 

To be the fastest while typing:

We will review the links in class and some other abbreviations that will help you to understand the speed of some persons while using their phones.
Very good and useful class you had, have a wonderful week, see you next Thursday, have fun.
Always best,

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