Exercising Prudence

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The highest effectiveness is achieved when Mankind uses all faculties,, all abilities, and potentialities for the time being. When Temperance, Courage, and Prudence are being exercised in all their extension, with knowledge and wisdom accompanied, then Justice would be served. Because the concept of justice is based on numerous fields, and many differing viewpoints and perspectives including the concepts of moral correctness based on ethnics, rationality, law, religion, equity, and fairness. Often, the general discussion of justice is divided into the realm of social justice as found in philosophy, theology and religion, and, procedural justice as found in the study and application of the law.
Still, if Prudence means “foresight, sagacity” and it is associated with wisdom, insight, and knowledge, in this case, this virtue is the ability to judge between virtuous and vicious actions, not only in a general sense, but with regard to appropriate actions at a given time and place.
Although Prudence itself does not perform any actions, and it is concerned solely with knowledge, all virtues had to be regulated by it.
Distinguishing when an act is courageous, as opposed to reckless or cowardly, now, it is an act of prudence, and for this reason it is classified as a cardinal or pivotal virtue. In other words;
Without prudence, bravery becomes foolhardiness;
Without prudence, mercy sinks into weakness,
Without prudence, free self-expression and kindness change into censure,
Without prudence, humility becomes degradation and arrogance,
Without prudence, selflessness changes into corruption, and
Without prudence, temperance becomes fanaticism.

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