Shoot & Edit Smartphone Videos Class 4 Fall ’19

Hello Everybody,
Wow, how exciting, we have done 2 videos in class, if you have material for a new video, have it ready, we will do some hands on during class. Last class we did so much.   Also, if you weren’t  able to download iMovie or PowerDirector we will do it in class. We have another option called Movie Maker from Windows and we will talk about it. Here are the Topics we went through and the link that goes with them:
  • How to put music in iMovie

  • How to put music in PowerDirector
  • Understanding foreground, middleground and background 
  • How Lenses work
  • We talk about Gizmos, Tripod, Lenses and Gopro cameras
  • James contributed with a magnificent comment about the Ohio State Marching Band
 ​We will prepare in the morning the copies for security tips, the ones we talked about in our second class.
Please remember to bring your phone well charged, your bright spirit, and some clips for your new video.
We will watch some of the links I am sending you, so we can review them.
See you tomorrow.

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