Summer Session First Class of Shoot & Edit Smartphone Videos

Hello everybody,

Welcome to our Summer Session for Shoot & Edit Smartphone Videos. In our first class we practiced how to do a 4 seconds video at the last minute. It was adventurous.       Tomorrow we will practice again and we will incorporate some of the different tips learned in class.  Distance, angle and size where explained with examples.
Also, we talked about how to use the grid in the smartphones, and how you will have a mental layout of the scene to balance, to have a Golden Ratio, to focus and to distribute  your visual display in an appealing way.
 We practiced how to do an extreme close up with the photograph of 3 adorable babies. Congratulations! All were really cute.
 Some of the themes that we are going to explore in the class are:
  1. How to organize and locate our media (photos and video) in our smartphones.
  2. How to store and use free storage for our media using the cloud and internet free services.
  3. How to move our media on different apps including Social Media in our smartphones.
  4. How to use different apps for editing our videos.
Have fun,  see you in a bit.


  • Feel the grid, or put it on.
  • Choose points that cross the grid
  • Your arms firm and close to your sides to help with stability
  • Your camera is the extension of your eyes
  • Just take some seconds and pause
  • zoom in or out in a steady way
  • Try not to walk with the camera unless you have the equipment to stabilize the action.

From the Whiteboard

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 12.22.09 PMScreen Shot 2019-07-17 at 12.13.54 PM


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