Shoot and Edit Smartphone Videos Class 7

Hello Videographers!
We have had fantastic time learning all the different things we can do to edit videos. Some of you have made really good ones, congratulations. To do a video first it needs to be originated in your mind, then you do the mechanics. I know some of you want to see the overall, and then decide how to do it. In pass sessions, we were able to do at least 3 videos per person. We had better internet conexion; Some of you had videos ready in your phone to show them to us. If you feel that you can share in class your videos it would be wonderful to see them
  •  Last class we talked again about how to put music in a video.
  • We saw at the end how GoPro cameras do their fantastic job.
  • How to retrieve old videos from your phone for your next project.
  • We visited several links, some are already in Class 5 email (the mail that has many links), but I put some of them again for memory purposes to all and here there are:

1.-  How to move files between cloud storage services without downloading and uploading back

2.-  Android video editing
3.-  Intro Season NCIS
Next class, that means tomorrow, we will keep reviewing the links that we had not finished or showed in class, we will do an iMovie editing example, plus we’ll see some interesting samples for you to analyze. We will have fun. Your enthusiasm is contagious.
See you Tomorrow.



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