Fourth email for the Class of Shoot & Edit Videos-Hyflex at OLLI Spring 2023

Hello everyone,

So wonderful to see how a video is made from your phone, and the power of it. When in our childhood, we never thought about it. Yet, many of us have wonderful memories in videos from video-cameras; slides, and or, photographs from our cameras. It was a lot to have them print, or to have them retouch or there was no such thing. Now we can do so many things to our videos just by doing it in our cellphone. You saw hands on, all the things that you can do now:

Trim, crop, put filters, change tone, put decorations, add music, create more movies with the one you have and mix them with other clips or and pictures. Save them, returned to the original, at any time.

I encouraged you to practice with your phones these editing, so you will master iMovie and Power Director very easily in bigger screens. Remember if your phone is not ad hoc, for the task; then you will go straight to the main apps. in bigger screens. 

If you did it tomorrow, we will talk about your experiences and ask me all the questions you may have about it.

For tomorrow’s class, I will talk to you about how to record separately and then put it together. 

All the links will be delivered by tomorrow, also one with sound for the elements of iMovie and one for Power Director.

Have fun, take care and see you tomorrow.




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