Fourth email for the Class of Apps & Social Media-Hyflex at OLLI Spring 2023

Hello All,

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and enthusiasm about our time together, studying together all about apps & Social Media is very interesting, because it changes over time, and we are ready to tackle the updates, the new owners, the change of rules, the way our data moves around the internet.

Last class we talk about Twitter, from its original meaning and purpose to how rapidly expanded over the years and different ways of looking how it is working today.

If you want to go deep into the history of Twitter, remember I told you how to search in the browser and look for Wikipedia in this case.

If you want to see the twit that made the emoji going viral, remember to search for Andy Murray wedding twit, inside Twitter and outside in the browser. Ask me all the questions if you have any about how to do it.

Now, we also talked about the new owner of the app and how the app is changing and the organization of Twitter has changed.

I showed you hands on how to twit, where to look at it, and how it can appeared in other sites if you configure it like that.

You gave me some examples of what to look on Twitter, and with that; it gets more clear how the searching machines inside the apps work.

Also, you asked about the apps in different hardware and how they behave. I showed you some examples, and the general rule. Yet you know that are exceptions according of the time the app was created, who originated the software, and the primal purpose of the app.

 Indeed was a very interesting class thanks to your questions and curiosity.

For tomorrow we will go deep into YouTube and maybe part of instagram. Our time will be define by your interest and, hands on, time in the app.

Have a wonderful afternoon, see you tomorrow.




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