Fifth email for the Class of Shoot & Edit Videos-Hyflex at OLLI Spring 2023

Hello everybody!

On May 4th we had a very interesting class. We saw how to put together two different audios with 2 different videos. You will find an attachment of the instructions and the link of the video.Before that video we were sure to know how to:

How to add sound to iMovie by Apple:


How to separate audio from a video for Microsoft, Android:

One is for Apple devices and the other is not.

Once you have learnt how to do that and have some experience in editing; you will find very comfortable to follow the instructions in the attachment. (Only by email if you are in the class)

For next class I will show you some videos I have done in the past. We will study how to create a story, how to shoot videos in the manner of the great directors of film, and how to analyze a scene. Links will be share during the Zoom meeting and in the next email.

Have fun and a wonderful time. See you soon.




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