Second email for The Class of Shoot & Edit Videos-Hyflex at OLLI Spring 2023

Hello everybody!

We will see each other tomorrow to have some good time, and more knowledge. 

Last time we learn how delete YouTube shorts, and reviewed how to do an account in YouTube.

Most of you mastered completely, I received the beautiful videos of N. and Ch. 

 Y. shared with us her wonderful video, thank you all, so happy to see your progress.

I have a conversation with B. about the need of a better sound by providing the full download of the Zoom application. We do not have it in any computer and we have seeing it from the browser, and that is causing the problem with not only the audio but also, the sharing by the host is very limited. She told me she will talk with the person in charge of the lab, to fix this, ASAP.

Tomorrow we will talk about; how to share your YouTube link to the chat in Zoom and other ways to do it.

J. wants to know how to play the guitar in one video and singing in another with synchronized options.

Y. and all  I got, want to know how to put voice on video live or voice recorded in the video.

We will see how useful is to fade in and fade out sound in our videos.

Also, N. will put pictures or video with narrative and music.

Here are the links for tomorrow. If you have time, please watch the videos, so, questions you will have, will be ready to answer.

How to make a video in iMovie by Perla



How to separate audio from a video

How to introduce a still picture in the middle of the movie.

There is a lot to check out, we will use our time wisely, and advance accordingly.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

Also J. just to let you know, B. will send you the same email to be sure you get it.

See you soon.




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