Third email for the Class of Class of Shoot & Edit Videos-Hyflex at OLLI Spring 2023

Dearest All,

Last class we have a very exiting class. We talked about the general layout of any app for editing videos. All versions have a workspace, that is divided into three panes in general: the Project pane where is the Time line, the Viewer where you can see the movie modifications and alter the scenes, and the Event pane where you feed your movie with photos, movies, bacgrounds, tittles, music, transitions.

We studied how to:

Crop & Pan in and Pan out a video clip.

Photo & music import.

Video effects & transitions.

Tittles, backgrounds with tittles.

Then we talk about how to select a mic.

And where to audio record, and how to do it:

Place to do it and why, and choosing live and after narrative.

 (Writting first your narrative, and practice it before recording.)

 Looking how much time you need to put the narrative on the scene.

Fade in and fade out your volume. (Take away the yellow and red parts on the green wave.)


You can put layers of audio. One live audio, other could be the narrative. Next could be music, and another layer; effects.

You will practice as much as you can to be ready for the next steps.

Last email you received 5 links. Last Thursday we studied 2.

Tomorrow we will see the other ones. These links are more detailed about audio.

You will find  the shortcuts list and a cheat sheet for iMovie, and Power Director.

Shortcuts for iMovie in Mac:

Please see the two pics attached of the cheatsheet for iMovie.

Please see the pic attached for the Power DIrector cheatsheet. And here is the link:

See you tomorrow, have a wonderful day.



If you are reading from here, in the email you will find the attachments, if you are in the class. If not just go to the links, that will be enough.


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