Second email for the Class of Apps & Social-Hyflex Media at OLLI Spring 2023

Hello everybody!

We will see each other tomorrow to have some good time, and more knowledge. 

Last time we learn how to select our apps, and how to organize them.

 I hope you had time to open the 2 attachments and the link I sent you in the first email. If not, let me know.

I have a conversation with Becky about the need of a better sound by providing the full download of the Zoom application. We do not have it in any computer and we have seeing it from the browser, and that is causing the problem with not only the audio but also, the sharing by the host is very limited. She told me she will talk with the person in charge of the lab, to fix this, ASAP.

Tomorrow we will learn the difference between uninstall and remove and app, and what to expect after that.

You will see how to group and ungroup apps, and how to move them from one page to other and how the pages are created in your phone automatically every time you drag an icon to the edge on the last page you already have.

We will see Facebook to the fullest and with that also the difference between sign in and sign up, how to manage old and new accounts, and how to move around in general int the app. Here are some of the links for you.

How to create Facebook account

How-to Android: Group Apps

How to Uninstall and Delete Apps on Android in 5 Quick Steps, second link for iphone 13

How to Add and Switch Between Multiple Accounts on Facebook App

Also, you will see hands on, and in my phone, how to do things in Facebook and how it looks.

Have a wonderful afternoon, see you soon.




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