Fourth email for the class of Shoot/Edit Videos-Hyflex at OLLI Winter Session 2023

Dearest All,

Last class was hands-on at editing in Power Director, (the class before last we did everything in iMovie.) I will be switching according with first-in.

We saw a wonderful video from Larry. Thanks Larry for sharing.

 You learned how to erase objects, step by step to avoid blurred zones, no matter the size of the object.

You learned to put a voice over music.

You learned to select your music.

You re-enforce the pan in – pan out (Ken Burns effect) learned.

You learned how to adjust the size of your photos.

You learned how to adjust the music with the length of your video.

The good thing about Power Director is that it automatically fade in and fade out the sound and adjust the volume to enhance the voice when it is needed. And for iMovie if you have any questions about it I will answer them. 

You found out that even if you have music that is very old but famous you will encounter some adjustments that need to be done for sharing in YouTube. If you are interested in this note, we will talk about it in class. (Free Domain)

While watching the video of the jewelry I talked about how they did all the tricks they showed.

Now you know how to make your own, and what was the way the stories of the advertisement were built and how can you make your story with more impact and embellishments.

For all the brave ones who did their homework, all of you noticed the 4 seconds rhythm on your TV. Most of you were delightfully surprised. Good! 

On Thursday we will talk about how to make quotes in titles, and if you have some videos to show or the advancement on the ones you are working on, you are more than welcome to share them. Remember; practice makes talent.

We will check how to adjust the gran finale too. More of Backgrounds if we have time.

See you on Thursday. Have a good evening.

Always Best,



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