Third email for the class of Apps & Social Media – Hyflex at OLLI Winter Session 2023

Hello Dearest,

Rose, welcome to the class! And for all happy new lunar year!

Last class we talked about Facebook mainly, and we talked about how all apps work in general, specially how the layout of the pages of most Social Media are distributed.

Also, the difference between uninstall and remove apps.

How to group apps in your phone.

What is Meta.

How to look for anything in your browser.

How to create a Facebook account.

How to sign up on Facebook in Android phone. 

You will see the links below. And the new questions emerged. On Thursday we will see how to open a new account on Facebook, with new contacts or all contacts. How you keep your content in your old account and how to save or download your old content.

New year, new you. Specially if you just retired, change job, or just change life.

I am sending this email not on Wednesday as you know, but today. I will be to busy on Wednesday to write you, and I think you have your memory fresh and if you see the links, you will remember more easily what we talked about last class.


  • How to create Facebook account
  •  How-to Android: Group Apps
  • How to Uninstall and Delete Apps on Android in 5 Quick Steps
  • Select Wikipedia to find out about Meta and other definitions, history, facts of other things.

For the Thursday links, they will be showed during class. And later send them to you in another email.

Have fun, organize your phone, use your phone, keep your phone unclutter, and clean.

Check your old accounts, remember how I told you to do passwords. Have your passwords ready. Do a list of your old apps. Check your contacts list, and clean and unclutter it. Have fun, see you on Thursday.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

Always best,



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