Fourth email for the class of Apps & Social Media – Hyflex at OLLI Winter Session 2023

Hello everyone,

Good evening, I am in hopes that you are doing well, and feeling wonderful about your Apps and Social Media, we have done great progress so far.

Last class we talked about, 

how to create a new Facebook account.

How to move a contact list to a new Facebook account.

How to use tags,

You learned what is a tag and why sometimes is very important to use them.

How can you do your profile.

How can you use Facebook to build a reputation and find your dream job.

How to make posts to create a social environment.

We talked about Meet up, and how can you get into groups there.

Why if you are part of a group, you can learn from it and then create your own.

Why with posts you will receive reactions, texts, and create relationships.

these are some links to help you:

How to Add and Switch Between Multiple Accounts on Facebook App

How To Use Instagram Hashtags PROPERLY in 2022

What is Meetup

For Thursday we will talk about Twitter, more about Instagram, all the questions are welcome. Have a wonderful evening. See you soon.

Always Best,



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