Sixth email for the class of Shoot & Edit Videos at OLLI Fall 2022

Dear Class,

Tomorrow we will have everything you need to know about transitions, here are the links:

How to do transitions in iMovie:

Dedicated to Naresh, and everybody will learn about transitions.

How to Add Transitions Between Video Scenes + Clips | Power Director Tutorial:

Dedicated to Cherrylaine and the next one too;

Multiple Picture in Pictures in iMovie 10.1.1 | Tutorial 81

And for all of you, especially for Larry, we will have a new list of films for us to watch during the Holidays, each one teaches something. 

This is not the only list, there are many, but this is an interesting one and I am sure many of you have seen some of them.

Best Films To Watch To Learn Filmmaking On Your Own.

Let’s enjoy our time together!

Tomorrow will be the last touches before going on celebrations for the end of the year; meaning the cycle Thanksgiving-New Year. 

It will be a pleasure to have the opportunity to wish you in Zoom and/or in class the always best and enjoy our time together.

I will be delighted to see you in the Winter Session that follows, remember you can register on the 6th of December and the catalog is online already. 

My classes have the same schedule.

My Blog and website are at:

if you need to look for emails.

 Have a wonderful afternoon.

See you tomorrow. 

Take care.



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