Sixth email for the class of Apps & Social Media Fall 2022 at CSULB-OLLI

Dear class,

Last class we saw all that we needed to know about the cloud with specific examples. Now you know where to find your cloud or clouds, why it is called like that, and how it is defined for each user.

If you want to ask me about your particular way to go to your cloud, we can talk about that during class.

With Patricia we did a very successful example.

We talked about memory and how it is used according to your provider, your platforms and your apps. Which ones are free and up to how much memory you can dispose of and how to allocate your files, photos and videos in an optimal manner.

For tomorrow’s meeting we will talk about all the reviews we did during the Fall Season, and if there are other question about them, we will talk about it. 

I gave the presentation in print and it will be available for you at OLLI until the end of the Fall Session. You can ask for it via email. I remain you, that it is the same illustrations that are shown at the Wikipedia here is the link:

And If you need them, I can send a PDF to you, for printing. Just let me know.

Please be sure that if you can’t have emails, you can go to any public library and type in a browser of a computer and you will be able to see the general emails I have been sending for some time now. Yours are the ones with the dates and the name of the session.

Tomorrow will be the last touches before going on celebrations for the end of the year; meaning the cycle Thanksgiving-New Year. It will be a pleasure to have the opportunity to wish you in Zoom and/or in class the always best and enjoy our time together.

I will be delighted to see you in the Winter Session that follows, remember you can register on the 6th of December and the catalog is online already. My classes have the same schedule. Have a wonderful afternoon.

See you tomorrow. 

Take care.



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