Fifth email for the class of Apps & Social Media Fall 2022 at CSULB-OLLI

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Last class was full of frustrations, because you found very difficult to understand the videos about Google Maps.

 Patricia told us that she didn’t want to see any other videos because they do not show what she wanted. 

Althena also wanted to see the picture of the dogies that the girl put as an example.

Sam also was so frustrated because the Peg-man or little man was not showing in the hands-on example.


At the bottom of the email, you will find the link with instructions (No video, to please Patricia)

 of how to use the Peg-man or little man. (To please Sam)

The pictures feature will be discontinued. It is also explained at the bottom. So, you do not need the doggie picture. (To please Althea)


On October 10, 2022; a driver died after going off a closed bridge overnight. GPS fail was the main cause. The bridge was inoperative since July 2013. He followed the GPS in a rainy night, which led him down to the bridge that drop off into a river. He was 47 years old, father of 2 girls.

Yesterday November 8, 2022; I saw the hand of a dead woman dangling from the cover blanket that the police put on top. The car crashed to an electric pole and another electric pole was down. The Google maps sent alerts right away to avoid the route that was full of police cars, repairing cranes and 4 lanes block opposite to my driving lane were closed.

OK, For Tomorrow:

We will see in graphics and in a presentation how the cloud and your storage work.

Tomorrow, I will hand out the copies for the attendees. If you are in Zoom, you could have a printed one at the office when you come by, you will tell me so, or I will send you a pdf format attached to an email so you can print it yourself. If you do not know how. I will explain it in class.

Have a wonderful afternoon.


Perla Cloud Storage  Cloud computing

Google maps help

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