Third email for the class of Shoot & Edit Videos at OLLI Fall 2022

Hello everyone,

All celebrations of the end of the year are approaching. I hope you are doing well and staying safe celebrating all the festivities of the Season.

Last class was very productive. We saw the usefulness of trailers while thinking about how to put the clips, pictures, or animations together in a new video.

We also saw the way the iPad has a layout and successfully everybody was able to identify, the timeline, and all the components that are common to any single app in any platform to make a video. That is most important because if there is an update of the programs you are using or the apps you are using, or you change devises you will be ready to jump hands-on to edit your videos with no problem.

We also saw an example of a video with a Keynote presentation inserted. You were able to see the animations we can do with Power Point or Keynote giving you some whimsical and interesting editing to your video.

We went all hands-on during a video in Power Director.

Please if you did some homework, bring it on so we can work with your ready files and go step by step in your editing.

Below you will find the links used and one for tomorrow’s class.  iPad iMovie  iMovie Trailer Tutorial Charleston, Seattle example of Keynote

For tomorrows meeting. How to animate in Power Point

These last ones are if time permits.  All extensions for audio and video Keynote animation

Be ready have a good night see you soon.




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