Third email for the class of Apps & Social Media. Fall 2022

Hello everyone,

Wonderful time we had last class. We studied mainly Instagram. We will remember tomorrow with a video.

We made a text message with a gif.

We sent a voice-messaging

We will see:

  •  What is Wattpad a new storytelling app by Gen Z and why is important to know.
  • Tik Tok parent company Byte Dance will compete with Apple Music and Spotify.
  • How to clean your phone, how to use the cloud and what type of cloud space do you have.

Here are some useful links:

Here is a video of how you will see the apps in the Google store; 

Here is a video of how to download an app on and iPhone; 
How to Create TikTok Account | Tiktok Sign Up Tutorial

Send Personalized Animated GIFs & Emojis on Your iPhone [How-To]

 9 places to find the best GIFs

Have a good night; tomorrow, we will learn a lot. 

My Blog and website are at: (copy and paste in the browser) if you need to look for emails.

Take care.




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