Second email for Shoot & Edit Videos at OLLI. Fall 2022

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well and had a wonderful time with your videos.

Last class I showed you 2 videos I did in September and we saw how they were done and you found some things that could be modified. It was a great experience.

On other notes, we have now Zoom on the computers of the lab and live transcript. We have only one computer and video for person including me, because all can be together in the classroom and in Zoom at the same time.

We went hands on with a very short video in the phone, so you can familiarize yourself with all the perks that your own phone has.

I asked you about your knowledge of Ken Burns or pan in and pan out.

It seems that you understand how to use it and when.

There are many ways to do videos. Here are some examples:

You can have a raw video and just add music.

You can have a music video and just add images (That is the case in the September Videos)

You can insert animated presentations, from Keynote of from Power Point to embellished the video

We will see examples and we will do it in class.

We will address how to do videos in iPad and how to use the Trailers for all and how to do videos using iMovie. Links will be sent next email.

See you soon, have a great night.




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