Fourth email for the class of Shoot & Edit Videos at OLLI Fall 2022

Hello Everybody!

Sure I am you had the wisest Halloween ever! 

More celebrations are approaching and we will be ready to make more videos about our celebrations!

 After, a little of editing, and happiness from your memories, this will be in your legacy.

And for that, we have this class.

 Last week we had so much material and actually we tackled all of it.

Now, very slowly we will have our 5 pictures or mini movies to put together in Power Point, or Keynote.

Last class at the very end of the class I practiced with Cherrylaine to make from still photos a gif, or give movement to the photos.

That was done in the editing tool of an Android. It can be done in Apple phone too.

 We will practice in all the phones. Be ready with your material. If you want, or just watch the examples.

Also, I received an email from Naresh where it is shown what kind of animation, he would like for his Power Point movie.

 And it is totally possible. One caveat is that if you want a specific lettering you will need to add it to your phone or computer, or iPad or Tablet. In other words, it needs to be added to the devise you are doing the editing. 

We will look in class how to do it, and later I will give you the links.

See you tomorrow, we will have hands on practice if you want. Or I will do it for all. 

And you will learn how to add different lettering to your editing tools.

If we have time I will also show you the new video I made, that have some transitions that you haven’t seen before.

Have a wonderful night. 

Be ready have a good night, see you soon.




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