Second email for Social Media & Apps. Fall 2022

Hello everyone,

I am so glad for your comments at the end of the class. You liked it and you know it was very useful.

I have some news for Althea and everybody else. I talked to Becky and I will give her the notes for the class so she can print them for you if you need them.

Last class I told you about my blog where you can find this email for the class in case you lose your emails. So, you will have all the redundancy to look for your studies. 

Here are the links we visited last week:

How to organize my apps in my phone:

How to choose and App:

It also has the previous link inside the blog, and other things. Just focus on the part where it says how to choose and App.

My blog page is if you want to navigate around you will see, it has a lot of information. That is why I will give you the specific link every time we need it. All are curated links for you to see during the session. Some will be updated as needed.

We study vocabulary and basic concepts that we use in technology nowadays.

What is service for a cellphone.

Where I can use WIFI

What does it mean 4 or 5 g’s

Where in the world I can use my cellphone and how.

All these questions you answered brilliantly and I expanded your knowledge and gave several examples.

We went hands on searching for images in the internet. I gave you several tips for traveling with your phone and how can you use, the apps for your flights.

For tomorrow’s meeting I will follow up with the first email I sent you.

Now for all in the classroom we will be together with all computers in Zoom and in the classroom. There will be live transcript or close captions. 

Also, the principal computer is fixed so I do not need to have double screen to communicate to you. That was a good surprise from the people that maintain the computer lab.

Naresh I hope you were able to type the list of phones in your What’s app after we located the screen to do it.

See you soon.




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