Last email for the Apps and Social Media Class of Spring Session

Hello everyone,

Last class we talked about: 

  • Why is useful to connect your apps.
  •  Why if you are connected with shortest paths, the algorithms will be more convenient to have traffic in your Social Media apps. 
  • Your social networks will be easy to address if you have them connected.
  • We analyzed the PageRank and how it works in Google. I put one of my Social Apps as an example.
  • We talked about how influencers use links between their social media to have more audience.
  • Also, how your connections or friends, connect each other in groups with common interests.

We addressed:

What’s App, and how 55 engineers are the ones who manage billions of users. And encrypted all transit inside the app.

Facebook and how now is a part of Meta and how to look to any information you want about the history of the apps, using Google.

We Talked about Wikipedia and how it works.

I am giving you several links that we will review tomorrow. Some are about:

How to manage cookies. How to clean your browsers.

 More about cookies. Is there a short-cut to deleting the cookies that are clogging up your computer? It takes forever to go through them one by one.

Solution: how to delete cookies   what are cookies? How to delete cookies in your browser

And last, these links are for tomorrow too:

Instagram step by step

How to Use Facebook Messenger – Stay in Touch With Friends & Family

How To Use Facebook


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