First email for Summer Session for Shoot & Edit Videos

Hello All,

This is an extract of the email I sent you. “Just in case” (this blog post is a redundancy) we will be able to watch our links and have fun.

…Doing videos is a lot of fun, do as many as you want and remember for the first time, they will be short. 4 seconds.
If you didn’t do your homework, we will show in class how to do it.
These are the links that we will review in class tomorrow. You do not need to watch them by yourself. We will explain them in class.
Perla’s blog
How to make a video in iMovie by Perla

This last one is for the persons who wants to go deep knowing the GoPro but in a basic level. Enjoy!
GoPro Action Camera

See you tomorrow have a wonderful evening…

Lots of Love,



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