My little adventures of the year

First, until now I don’t have covid and I haven’t had it. Second, I vote. Third, I cried a lot for all the bad things that happened this year. Sadly many Acquaintances,  had friends, or themselves,  got the infamous illness and/or suffer the collateral damage of the pandemic, some of them with serious  health aftermath issues, or death. 

If you put in the balance what was good, and what was bad; it happens in the end that even with the worst statistics, your opinion about what type of year was; it is just your solely opinion.

If you are healthy, means that even living among the worst ordeals, you still are a survivor, and that is good. It’s a good year for you after all.

If you happened to complete your goals, fulfill your dreams, and have people around you to celebrate your accomplishments, then you can add that to your good year.

If it’s school and you finished your school year, then is fantastic. According to the health -economic-year-situation, the fact that you were able to learn something is really good.

Every single accomplishment right now is magnified by all the troubles to get it.

If you cancel all your events, or the way they were planned, maybe you found another way to do those events. Or maybe you put them on hold to plan them persistently  better. Either way is part of your life to keep it or to move on.

If your business, your career, your degree was or is going to be wipe out; maybe with heavy heart you can reflect on new ideas to keep going.

Sometimes persons think that they can inspire people to do something the way it has been a personal success. The  thing is that all people can take parts of what persons said or did, but it will be never the same experience because the people and the circumstances are different. Maybe people try to inspire in good faith, but it only resent others, or get into a competition, or think that they need to level with another mark. For some, it is extremely difficult  to just say; good to know.

And talking about my little adventures of the year; I did in fact a lot of things indeed. Somebody told me that I was busted because this year I didn’t travel. What it was going to be of me, without traveling!

I went to San Diego, to San Pedro, to Long Beach, to Santa Ana, to Burbank, to Crystal Cove, to Fountain Valley and of course I visited my own city of Huntington Beach. All those places were full of adventures and happiness. Some I visited several times to do different things, or the same things but with different company.

Yet, there are some individuals, that wanted to destroy happiness and they are still trying, maybe because they think that they need to control; maybe because they feel they are loosing control, maybe because they have found out they had never had control and they are furiously seeking it, and maybe is because the reality is simpler, less complicated and they want to elaborate sand castles that doesn’t stick or external forces are not going to let them  stand.

There are people with frantic attitude, pessimistic attitude, or exaggerating  everything. There is people that think they live in a special constrained prison instead of calmly evaluate the possibilities inside their places.

Besides traveling, I also enjoyed many hobbies and did things that never imaging I was capable to do. Hobbies regardless to Art; like jewelry, sculpture, paint, singing, playing instruments, reading and decorating.

Also, I kept teaching without stopping all my classes with absolutely great success, not only because the students told me they were delighted, but because they acknowledge the importance of STEM and how fun is to use them.

And as you know me, I’m always learning and this year was incredible important, because the things that I learned surprised me more than I was expecting, which is of course  part of my little adventures of the year.

Family and Friends, I hope you are the lucky ones that made your luck possible. Today more than  ever knowledge to make  decisions and to behave, were and are critical, they can define many things that maybe you didn’t want to be define or behave that way, don’t worry everything can change, be redone, fix, or do something else. Such is the adventure of life.


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