So Much, So Fun, Super Done!

Dear Videographers;
This week has been the presentations of the main giants at Silicon Valley. All is looking so easy and nice. (They are in YouTube and there is a link below if you are interested.)
  • Last Class we saw the iPhone with magnificent pictures of elephants and how easy is to navigate in iMovie.
  • We talked about responsive design to understand how come everything can go in different screen sizes, and how we have different lay outs without loosing consistency and/or information.
  • We talked about the extensions and for photos I clarified that so far we have: .JPG (JPEG), .BMP, .TIFF, .GIF, .RAW, .PNG     We mentioned the ones in orange, and there are much more, but you don’t need the other formats.
  • We saw a wonderful video about butterflies, with music and a perfect narrative, with titles and transitions with Power Director.
  • I showed you two videos of how you can use very old photos and have a perfect quality on the video. The second video was a before editing and after editing in a visit to an exhibit at The Broad.
  • The last video I showed you was about a trip I made with my family to Africa and how you can use short clips from other videos to enriched your personal experience while visiting wonderful places with all the personal perks plus a little bit of the story of the visited site.
We will be hands on with all your questions because you already have wonderful videos to share.
We will see each other on Thursday as always.
On Friday I will be at the computer lab for all you questions also. The schedule will be from noon to 2 in the afternoon.
   Here is the link for all the ones interested in Google, and its products. Pretty interesting, it is long so, I suggest you to watch it in 3 or four parts, taking your time to think about what they are saying. Have your questions ready if you want, I will make a comment of the most important changes Google is announcing. 
   Remember there is no homework. You advance at your own pace, and there is always another session to practice and catch on.
I will be delighted to see you during our Summer session.
Keep Charming,

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