The Knick-Knack, The Here and There for Videos

Hello Dear Videographers:
So much we have done! We studied the extensions for video and for photos.
(.mp3 , .jpeg , .mp4 , mp3 etc.)
We also practiced how to move around the phones, to check all the steps needed to be done to get to any place around any app, or the phone.
  • Tap > Drag   (to move items around the screen)
  • Tap   ( to change screens)
  • double Tap  (to return to previous screens)
  • Pinch the screen then open and close the pinch   ( to zoom in or zoom out)

We also learned about how to import, where is the location of our videos and pictures, and we practiced how to use Play Store.

We watched 3 videos, and we paused them to analyze vocabulary, the meaning of the instructions, and we practiced.
All of you presented your fantastic work, and advance. Really rewarding.
Tomorrow we will finish tittles and music; cropping, and transforming. 
Tell us the new experiments you have done, and/or enjoy the class. 
I have 2 very short videos to show to you. The before and after at a visit to a museum. And how to make old pics look animated.
 If you need to remember something, go to the preview emails. or come here to refresh your learnings.
See you tomorrow.

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