First Steps; Using Your Phone To Edit Your Video

Dearest of Dearest;

Last class we saw how to download your Video Editor from your phone.

Steps to Follow ;

  1. Locate and open your Play Store App.

  2. Search for Video Editor by Typing near the magnifier the words underlined here.

  3. Select the best rated, within the thousands times rated.

  4. Look for the one who has been downloaded the most (in the millions).

If you don’t remember how, here is the link:

Samsung Galaxy S10 | How to download apps to your phone

Last class we saw a tutorial for PowerDirector Video Editing, here is again the link:

Android Video Editing: Cyberlink PowerDirector Tutorial on Android

To Understand step by step the editing process here is a movie I made in iMovie. A silent one for you to make all the questions:

Video Class with iMovie

See you in Class. Have Fun, you just need 4 pics or videos or a combination of them to start. Let’s  begin the adventure!


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