Videos and More Videos

A birthday, a visit at the museum, going to the park, playing at the beach, cheering at the stadium, buying at the farmers market, doing something at home; everywhere there is something interesting to see, and  build a memory about. Doing a good video takes practice, practice and practice. Doing at least a video every week will give you fluency  in  the way you tune with your phone. Taking videos is one part. The second is editing. We will practice at the computer lab during our session both as before.

Last time we talked about taking videos while being abroad. Sometimes we will need more than the cellphone. For example:

Last time we reviewed all the things to remember to prepare before you travel. To be comfortable, to have fun; we will need our gadgets ready. Like  an extra battery, or the different gizmos for different countries needed while charging your phone, also taking into account handles and holdings. Last time we made a list.

During this class we will continue to practice, and watch some interesting videos and how to post them in different platforms. Also I will show you other videos that went viral not because they were technically sophisticated but because they were spontaneous and interesting. We will have fun. See you in a bit. 


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