Deconstructing Tutorials

Hello Everybody!

What an amazing adventure we had together! From a San Francisco trip, to  Radio Communications in the Queen Mary, to Metamorphosis of the Great Butterflies, to a beautiful Regatta, to wonderful memories,  to Preparations for the Summer Travels, and gatherings, and unexpected surprises to have them in Videos.

It has been fantastic this time with you. This time we will analyzed and deconstruct the tutorials for Action Director.

The list below is for you to watch in YouTube at your leisure, we will take notes for our own needs. We will showcase how to upload our videos in different platforms. See you in a bit. 


ActionDirector – How to…    CyberLinkChannel


How to trim tutorial

Adjust video speed

Replay video

Reverse video

Adjust color

Add and edit tittle

Adding and mixing music


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