Getting Ready to do Videos while Traveling

It is easy if you have an itinerary for your trip. Most tours have a most convenient schedule. For example we have 11-day Beyond Band Brothers Tour. To prepare for this particular one we will look at their day by day list of activities.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.05.12 PM

In class we will talk about memory in your phone, the cloud or a memory card. Charging your phone in other countries.  Besides the gizmos we have talked about, how about  a little bit more like handles and bags.

Also we will talk about for Android composition techniques and butterflies. Let’s have fun in a bit. You will see 2 sample videos from some years ago to discuss what can be done today to have better results. Be ready, see you in a bit.

Here are the videos:

Sailing in Amorgos

Metamorphosis with lapse time


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