Polar Bear Challenge 2013

camara grande marzo-abril 119 (2)

I won my T-shirt!!!!!

It is one of the most interesting challenges at a very beautiful Sports Club. With a candid idea, I signed up for the completion of  swimming 25 miles during part of the months of January and February, especially candid, because I had adorable guests at home and for several days I was not able to do my daily commitment. It was tense… Then, how did I do it?

At 4 O’clock in the morning I wake up, shower, and dress for the gym. I dress with one of my fit-dry combo from Nike, or with one of my Victoria’s Secret combo. They are very comfortable and literally you can perform any acrobatic-aerobic situation and they help you to be comfortable. Once at the gym I run, run, run with the music out loud in my brain. Thank goodness for the invention of the media players!! It is like you are having an instant party! Then, machines and weights, the motto here is squeeze, squeeze, squeeze… then the glorious pool in a  swim suit, goggles, cap, super fast dry towel, and a parka/swim coat all Nike.

For the Polar Bear Challenge you register with a piece of paper and start writing down your time or/and the distance you accomplish every single day. My goal was 40 min everyday or 12 hundred meters. My fellow companions were very good in perseverance, fitness, and enthusiasm. I found adults with the most interesting backgrounds, people from Europe, Japan, Vietnam,  America… all sizes, all ages… I was jaw dropping to see them go to the pool with rain, fog, wind, darkness, and very low temperatures.

The maintenance   team at the Club was superb!!! Oh!!! Thank you!!! You made the challenge possible with such hard work. You took care of the pool in an awesome way!!!

Why am I so happy about The Challenge? Oh! Yes, indeed I am very happy because I won over sickness, injuries, and accidents. It is easy to try something another thing is to finished it. Also, if I want to swim fast, I need to be in shape, what a perfect combination to do different sports.

Do I think it is important? Whoo hoo!!! I drop pounds, I shape my body, and  I have the fortune to have met awesome people. Every day after my routine I go to work, because gu I stay in my routing, during weekdays I go to the club, same time, same everything, and enjoying it to the fullest!

Why I am still talking about T-shirts? Whoa!! Last year the T-shirt idea was one of the most unbelievable sad, ridiculously unreachable thing in a Challenge I participated. A T-Shirt can represent a vacation memory, an interesting place you visited, a sense of belonging, feel proud to be part of a team, an organization, to stand for one idea, to support something or someone. One thing is to earn a T-Shirt; another thing is to buy it. There are people who wear things with logos without even knowing why they are wearing it. On the other hand there are people who use them as a uniform and have the logo in every single garment or gadget. Sometimes extremes are extenuating… A good thing is that people have hope and happiness when reachable goals have in the end a token of accomplishment. The token in this case was my wonderful T-Shirt! It represents that I swam 25 miles in around a month and a half. It was intense without the weekends and without some days in between due to my precious guests which I adore.

At home my family is proud of me! I am very, very happy! I did it!!! I know there are people in this wonderful world that are wise, intelligent and profoundly practical! I can dance all night!!! My heart is full of joy! Thank you!!!

P.D. Why am I writing down specific brands? I notice you better speak out what you like otherwise maybe you let them dissapeared.


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