First email for the Class of Shoot & Edit Videos-Hyflex at OLLI Spring 2023

Welcome Everybody,

I just received the  email address of some of you. This Spring session is going to be very joyful. 

Last class we talked about how we were going to work:

  1. You can take notes and pictures of the material you are studying during class. If you like.
  2. You will receive a weekly email with the summary of the class before, and some material for the next. With links and/or presentations of the material.
  3. You will practice at home the new material you want to learn, (or catch up later.)
  4. You will have videos ready to share in class via Zoom or at the lab, (or catch up later.)
  5. You will see part of this email at my blog 

Last class we talked about:

How to upload a video in YouTube

How to sign up to YouTube

This links are also in my blog in my webpage that is

Tomorrow we will talk about microphones, the type of videos you would like to do. 

Remember that it will be easy for you at the begining to have videos shorter than 4 min.

If you succesfully created your YouTube account, and uploaded your first video, share it in class to talk about it.

See you tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening.

Always Best,



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