6th email for Shoot & Edit Videos Class at OLLI

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Summer weather, and of course making videos, or edit them.

I have so much to tell you:

I have decided to make the comment by email and maybe chat about it in class;

The thing is that there are only 2 classes at OLLI-CSULB right now that are Hybrid. One is us, and another that is in room 101.

The fact that I were able to use 2 computers one in Apple configuration and the other in Windows configuration; 

with one projector,

 plus, an opaque projector,

 plus, a cellphone; 

 plus, several sharing configurations to go to our links,

 plus, different sources of sound, 

 plus be able to see your videos from your memory card, projected in the classroom 

was pretty cool. (I’ll tell you in class why.)

And in person later, I confirmed with our Zoom attendees, that it was perfect. It’s really sensational. And our class is the first one!

All your videos are very good. Congratulations for all your progress! There are 2 classes left. No less fun, and super interesting!

Tomorrow, we will see the following links.

  • Foreground, background, and middle ground in cinematography
  • How to make your audience cry or laugh (Pixar and Disney tricks with music). we will see this video:
  • or this one,

If you have more videos to show or the new version of your video(s), bring them to class to share, or use your Social Media to reach them in class.

Have a wonderful evening, be ready for tomorrow. 

Remember there is no homework unless:

“Your mission, Videographers, should you decide to accept it, is to have fun making videos. 

As always, should you be tired or in doubt, we will talk about it and I will help you to acquire the knowledge of doing the right actions. 

This email will Not self-destruct ever, is part of your notes. Good luck, All of you.”



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