6th email for Apps and Social Media Class at OLLI

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Summer weather, and of course having fun with your apps and Social Media endeavors.

Last class we talked about how pin addresses in Google Maps;  now called Flags and you can name them anything.

Also, we had a hands-on example for your location in parking and how to go back again to your location. 

It is very handy to be able to select routes, to look how your surroundings are and look, and to use your camera to locate YOURSELF, while walking through an address in a Mall or by the streets.

As you can see the links are a little passé, which means that there is always a way to confirm that we have the latest information about your apps.

This Thursday, I will share and example that it is very useful if you want to pick someone in a non familiar neighborhood.

Tomorrow, we will talk about Twitter. I will tell you everything about it, and a fascinating story about emojis and Twitter. I will show you how to tweet and how to use several perks to know in which part of the world people are reading you tweets. How to put your settings, and how to share instantly in other apps. It will be so much fun.

Have a wonderful evening, be ready for tomorrow. 

Always Best



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