Third email for Shoot & Edit Videos Class at OLLI

Hello everyone,

I’m so thrilled to receive your videos about your presentation. A. and D., did a magnificent job! We will see them tomorrow.

We hope L. was able to upload his videos in YouTube.

No news from T., I hope you are OK.

Remember, we can learn the more we practice.

For tomorrow, I will ask you about the video you will do with the app you have chosen. It could be Power Director for Android, or iMovie for Apple. If you are choosing something else. Tomorrow is the time to decide.

Both apps can be downloaded in a laptop, computer, or in a phone respectively.

If you remember your homework. You have already download or have ready in your phones at least, either application, and have seen the tutorials.

Some key steps before you do your movie are:

  • Have your videos and/or pictures ready to fetch for the editing. (Remember your raw files will be always handy they will not be altered.)
  • Have your audio ready to read out loud or ready to say it, practice before.
  • Start thinking about the music (if you will use it) (and check your sound.)

Last class, we talked about, how you can use in iMovie a special canvas to easy your work.

We also talked about how to fade in and fade out sound.

How to use the Ken Burns effect, to basically animate pictures.

How the sound looks like. How to fetch music.

Tomorrow, you will tell me about your projects. How you will tackle all the elements.

We will continue to analyze the elements of editing. 

You are receiving more links for the class.

If we have time, we will check as much links as possible.

  • How to separate audio from a video

  • Free images

  • Public Domain Music

  • How to crop images and videos

Have a wonderful evening, be ready for tomorrow. 

Remember there is no homework unless:

“Your mission, Videographers, should you decide to accept it, is to have fun making videos. 

As always, should you be tired or in doubt, we will talk about it and I will help you to acquire the knowledge of doing the right actions. 

This email will Not self-destruct ever, is part of your notes. Good luck, All of you.”



P.D. let me know if you will use zoom to send you the link.


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