Third email for Apps and Social Media Class at OLLI

Hello everyone!

We have had a wonderful time in class. We talked about all that was written in the last email plus, we practiced hands-on for the specific phones we had at the time of the class.

It is important to have your calendar ready and handy. Another good practice we had last week.

Also, we did the analysis of the -offer up- app.

We will continue with other apps important for the class like Facebook, different apps for clocks. And Memory exercises in an app.

Remember to let me know if you will take the class via zoom.

I already received Elizabeth email. Thank you, (and I will wait for your specific questions.)

I hope Terry is having a more relaxed time. And everything is getting better.

For tomorrow’s meeting please have your phones fully charged, if you can; try to connect your phone to the Wi-Fi before you enter the Computer Lab, (even outside the computer lab, after the door; there is a better reception). Or we can practice tomorrow.

Wishing you a beautiful afternoon. 

See you soon.

Let’s have fun!



P.D. Some links for tomorrow’s meeting;



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