Celebrating Love by Perla Gutierrez

  1. Please, first, allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.
  2. The Heart has its reasons, of which Reason knows nothing.
  3. I think of a new way to say it; I L O V E Y O U, you see, refreshing, because for me, it’s love at first sight, second sight, and so on.
  4. Stick to love you is a most enjoyable daily thing I have.
  5. Fear not, we love each other.
  6. Whatever our chemistry is made of, yours and mine are so good together.
  7. I love someone because they’re perfect, I love all the perfect imperfections they have for me.
  8. You are my constellation, you are my universe, and all beyond there are.
  9. Fortunate are the ones who learn to love, because  feeling to be loved is a splendorous thing.
  10. The happiness of life is to be loved for who we are, and love in return is an incandescent joy.
  11. When you saw me, you fell in love, and I smile because I knew.
  12. I love just the way you are.
  13. Somebody told me matrimony and shroud comes from heaven, don’t worry, there is time and it’s not on you. Still, I specially look for you among 10,000 beings.
  14. We have nothing in common, yet, I’m still fascinated with your being, and that is my love for you.
  15. When you love you are treated lovely, otherwise you are confused by the term love.
  16. Is that energy you infuse in me, is the love you feed me with, is the passionate life you make me live? Indeed.
  17. Everything around is better because you love me, you inspire me to strive in live with a better me.
  18. You got me at, Hi gorgeous!
  19. I love my love stories, the short ones, the long ones, the eternal ones, I am able to live them and remember them with the same love ever.
  20. Many times when in wonderful elation, time stops, surroundings disappear, weather is a bliss, and light is a background, then, love intensifies, creating the most wonderful energy  dissipation, that throbs for eternity.
  21. Loved by you is an only occurrence,  in the timeline of the Universe, isn’t that a perpetual glory? Yes.
  22. While letting our love to grow, we have discovered infinite wonders, and there is more to catch on.
  23. I love a great love story, and it’s personal.
  24. Often be kissed by our love ones, what a delight!
  25. In life, to hug, to embrace, to cuddle, to hold each other, feel so lovely.
  26. There is no end for sentences I can make, to make you feel my love.
  27. There is, was, or will and ending for our love story, and I’m still astonished by it.
  28. Live without you seems impossible, because my heart will be broken, better live together ’till the end.
  29. You are perfect, and I thought that from the beginning.
  30. You and me, forever, was in the making of all probabilities in life, and that is amazing!
  31. Yes, I couldn’t live without you at that time, marrying  you was so comfortable, still is.
  32. I didn’t realize everything I do, I do it immerse in the certainty of our love.
  33. For another thirty sex years of marriage! Whoo hoo!
  34. The reason of my love for you, has its reasons of which my heart knows, feels, and remembers  everything.
  35. My devotion is inspired by your devotion, they’re so us, that the beginning  and the end of them are totally mixed in the midst of them.
  36. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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